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ExtendaGO enables retailers to accelerate success by streamlining in-store processes. How?  

We’re helping retailers step into the future with the ExtendaGO Point of Sale (POS) and Retail Cloud software, which enables a unified commerce environment.

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How it works:

The software includes an omni-flexible in-store POS via tablets or mobile devices, paired customer engagement, remote ordering and analytics functionalities. 

With our solution, you get a market leading POS and unified commerce platform, which will enable you to complete transactions from a traditional checkout, a mobile device or tablet. All data is automatically transferred with live updates to your background retail cloud software, where you can find detailed analytics, with intelligent suggestions and updates on proposed actions.


Our low cost high functionality POS features:

  • Sleek user interface
  • Self Checkout mode
  • Plug & Play – startup in minutes
  • Gift cards
  • Over the air updates
  • Low pricing compared to competitors
  • State of the art technology
  • Digital receipts
  • Web ordering and Takeaway functionality out of the box

Our Retail Cloud platform features: 

  • Customer loyalty, campaigns, gift cards etc.
  • Remote ordering, click and collect 
  • Returns management
  • Campaigns management
  • Product and pricing management
  • Chain management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • iPad POS platform for purchase completion
  • Inventory management

New Name – Same Solution

Our innovative retail platform has been called ExtendaGO POS & Wallmob, and we are now harmonizing our brand, and the Wallmob solution is now called ExtendaGO POS & Retail Cloud. It’s the same solution – just with a new name! If you have any questions, please just get in touch with our team and we will be happy to talk to you about the new name! 

Our solution will help you and your staff work smarter – not harder, and your customers will enjoy a fast and easy experience


Happier customers & staff

ExtendaGO has customer convenience at its core, and you’ll be able to offer your customers just that across all touch points with our solutions. Furthermore, our system allows you to easily add personalisation features through quick and money-saving loyalty system integrations. Your customers will experience convenience across stock, purchase, payment, delivery and return.

ExtendaGO’s simple and powerful POS will help you and your staff serve your customers in the best way possible, via Omnichannel fulfilment, increased product data, contactless payments, endless aisle, service orders, offline mode and much more. This results in streamlined processes inside your stores, and happier staff who can focus on delivering top-class customer service.

Girl with ipad pos in store
Girl with ExtendaGO ipad POS in fashion store

Harmonised inventory & real-time unified sales – We make it easy for you to view and access all your inventory, in real-time. Furthermore, you can manage orders cost-efficiently. This will enable you to spend less effort and capital, as inventory availability is maximised, and excess inventory is minimised. 

Real-time data is a life hack for any retailer, and can increase your sales with up to 40%. With ExtendaGO, you’ll get real-time access to stock, product, order and customer information across all your systems. This way your sales channels are unified, and your sales cycle can run smooth every day, every week, all year round.

ExtendaGO enables you to focus on your business, while we focus on the tech. Our solutions will turbo-charge your business, and enable true omnichannel retail.

Increased efficiency – How does ExtendaGO’s software increase your efficiency? Because we built it that way! The software is flexible and scalable – and we avoid complex and unnecessary integrations at all costs.

Reduced costs – Our highly scalable POS and Retail Cloud software will help you lower your costs with up to 60%, since all upgrades are included in our solutions and we don’t charge for any development of the software.

Integration – Our plug and play, API first philosophy enables you to get the powerful and flexible ExtendaGO platform up and running straight away, without hassle or a high upfront investment.

Upgrades – You’ll always have access to the latest retail system technology when using ExtendaGO, thanks to our ongoing development and innovation. All regular updates are available to all customers right away, through our cloud-native retail platform.

Implementation – The system comes with built-in integrations, and we use a single code as a base, so that you can implement and roll out our system in no time at all!

ExtendaGO POS – Empower staff and delight customers

Girl at manned pos with ExtendaGO

Our POS app can be used with ease in your manned checkouts, and is powered by a cloud-native platform. If needed, you can install our software on any iOS devices you use in your stores. Our POS is extremely flexible – and cost efficient. 

Close up at man using self checkout tablet.

Our checkout software includes Self Checkout (SCO) functionality automatically, which is perfect for improving the flow of customers in your stores. SCOs are a real customer satisfaction-booster, as customers who want to shop quickly can do so independently. Your staff will get time to help customers on your shop floor and manage your retail operations, something which leads to increased sales. Furthermore, they can manage your retail operations, instead of having to manage checkouts manually. 

smiling florist and customer using ipad POS from ExtendaGO

Our POS app includes mobile and tablet functionality which enables user-friendly and flexible shopping experiences, as that you assist customers wherever they are. The system also offers a multitude of functionalities and integrations such as loyalty programme, contactless shopping and digital receipts integrations, so your staff can enjoy a smoother working process, and shoppers can enjoy a truly effortless experience. Win-Win!

Retail Cloud – The cloud-native platform behind our POS, using real-time data

With our system, you’ll be able to boost your retail business with unified stock and endless aisle functionalities, and increase in-store, online and cross-channel fulfilment. In extension, you’ll achieve true omnichannel retail. It’s super easy to integrate to your existing e-commerce and other sales platforms.

With real-time overview of all your inventory, both online and in-store, and our inventory management functionality, ExtendaGO enables you to easily maximise your inventory availability, improve accuracy and minimise surplus inventory.

Our Retail Cloud platform creates a unified stock level and warehouse overview for your management, in-store staff and customers, regardless of shopping channel. Furthermore, you can manage multiple warehouse units per store, and connect one warehouse to several stores to enable cross-store selling.

Our system enables enhanced product information, and real-time updates guarantee that the information is available everywhere, with instant changes being available across all channels.

Retail Cloud enables a 360°view of customer and order data across all channels, paired with seamless, automated communication with other retail systems. You’ll be able to connect with your customers with relevance and value.

Furthermore, our Retail Cloud platform features pricing and promotion functionality. This feature enables multiple campaign types. Your campaigns can be easily connected to central or local price lists, integrated with loyalty programs or any other systems as needed.

With our Cloud Retail platform, you will get insightful reports based on real-time data, which helps you make the right business decisions. When using ExtendaGO, you get to use the system’s “smartness” – you can use the data to create localised or centralised reports based on what’s going on – moment by moment. The functionality prevents mistakes via automated Z-reports and coding, so you can rest assured you have accurate data.

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