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  • Make decisions with real-time data
  • Control inventory across locations
  • Transform your workflow

A free add-on to the ExtendaGO POS, the CTRL app helps employees work more efficiently, making everyday life in the store easier - and giving staff more time with the customers!

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Data & analytics

  • Graphic view of daily/weekly turnover
  • Turnover by customer or employee
  • Average sales across custom periods
  • Industry insights
ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_GO CTRL_Inventory management

Inventory management

  • Real-time inventory control & counting
  • Scan incoming goods to inventory
  • Reorder low-stock items
  • Return goods to suppliers
ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_GO CTRL_Workflow optimization

Workflow optimization

  • ​​Transfer items between stores
  • Add items to sales campaigns
  • Print labels and price markdowns
  • Connect with staff via internal chat

In addition to effective stock management, the app provides a clear overview to store performance with real-time updates and visual charts. Engage your team in the store-wide chat channel, scan items for product information, transfer items between locations, and stay on top of inventory levels - ensuring best-sellers never run out of stock.


Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the CTRL app also works on several mobile computer devices.

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