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Are double ticket sales, process errors and oversold events causing havoc? Struggling to harmonize ticket orders with your POS system? Leaving customers uninspired with bland and repetitive ticketing communications?

GO Ticket has been built with your customers in mind – enabling them to effortlessly purchase and redeem tickets for concerts, theme parks, amusement parks, museums, arenas, football stadiums, and many other events. Let the adventures begin!

How it works

  • Customers benefit from a true omnichannel shopping experience, with the option to purchase tickets directly via Extenda’s POS system (which automatically syncs the data) or via the online ordering platform, ORDIN
  • Tickets are conveniently delivered to their email in the form of a QR code
  • The ticket QR code is scanned (either by event staff or at a device-integrated gate) using our ExtendaGO CTRL app
  • Real-time sales reports enable full visibility over the operations

Reliable system

 Streamline your ticketing processes to reduce errors and safeguard against double ticket sales.

Customer satisfaction

Users want to come back again and again with a wide range of ticketing options such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly passes.

Low cost

ExtendaGO Ticket and ExtendaGO CTRL app are included with the monthly POS license, and never charges commission fees.

Enhanced user experience

Guarantee unique and memorable ticket purchases with branded physical ticket cards, personalized QR codes, and VIP offerings.

Powerful data & insights

Easily view information on the number of active tickets and create reports based on live, accurate data.

Effortless planning

Access a comprehensive calendar within the POS system, featuring all the scheduled sessions and events.

Boosted sales

Easily implement marketing strategies such as bundled ticket offerings and gift cards to entice customers

Ultimate control

Ensure the safety and enjoyment of attendees with control measures such as quantity-based ticket sales, time slot reservations and age-specific tickets.

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