How do I define products that must be weighed?

The best way to create a product in the backoffice for this purpose would be using units g, hg or kg when defining the stock. Like in the image below:

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How does the inventory work in ExtendaGO POS?

From ExtendaGO we want you to save time in adding items and updating your inventory, that's why we have created this video where you can see how to do it easily from the backoffice:

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How do I create a campaign?

Marketing campaigns can make your shop more competitive by attracting new customers and making existing ones more loyal to your brand. It is essential to have a Point if Sale software that simplifies this process around planning and executing such campaigns. With ExtendaGO you will have it very easy, we explain it to you in these simple steps:   

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How do reports, sales and dashboards look on the ExtendaGO app and backoffice?

Reporting is an essential measure to monitor your business performance and take your business and marketing decisions according to it.

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Where Can I find the innovations and new functionalities of ExtendaGO?

At ExtendaGO we never stop innovating, that's why in this section you will be able to keep up to date with all our product updates:

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