What is ExtendaGO Ordin?

ExtendaGO Ordin is our online ordering and delivery platform. With this solution, you can manage all your orders and prepayments from the table with a QR code, your mobile phone, the queue or a self-service station.

And you know what's best? It's an out of the box solution!:

  • Completely synchronised between the ExtendaGO POS and Kitchen Display System (KDS).
  • Integrated with ExtendaGO Pay, our new omni-channel payment solution available with all major in-store and online payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Swish and Vipps!

Contact us if you are interested to know more about ExtendaGO Pay and to get a payment terminal for a low price!



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Check out our manuals!

*For more information about how to start to use it go to Ordin website

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How does the inventory work in ExtendaGO POS?

From ExtendaGO we want you to save time in adding items and updating your inventory, that's why we have created this video where you can see how to do it easily from the backoffice:

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How to create a customer in the ExtendaGO POS app?

Creating customer groups allows you to manage your entire customer base conveniently on one page. This way you can keep control over your marketing activities. Follow these simple steps:

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What is ExtendaGO KDS?

ExtendaGO KDS is our Kitchen Display System. Its main functionality is synchronising waiters and kitchen staff so you don't lose any order information and you keep your customers happy. Check out its main features:

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How to manually add products to a customer’s account in ExtendaGO POS?

To manually add products to a customer's account in ExtendaGO POS follow these simple steps:

1) Open the "More" menu and click on "Add customer" (this last one previously created in the Backoffice)

2) Click on the "Add product" menu

3) Type the name of the product, add the quantity of items and the price.

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