Piloted with small-and-medium-sized retail and hospitality businesses in Norway and the Netherlands, the solution is now available in selected countries across the world.


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London, United Kingdom, March 8th, 2022

As demand for more flexible buying options surges in the wake of the pandemic, leading retail software provider ExtendaGO (part of Extenda Retail group), has launched its innovative point-of-sale (POS) technology on iPhone, so that brands can bolster the customer experience via the world’s most popular smart device.

The software includes an omni-flexible, in-store POS solution that can be accessed via Apple computers, iPads, and, as of today, the iPhone. It provides an end-to-end solution for retail and hospitality businesses to improve customer engagement in-store and online, while streamlining the process of remote ordering, and supercharging analytics for store and head office staff looking to better align their business strategy with the ever-changing customer journey.

What this means for customers

The agile solution enables customers to make purchases on-the-go and collect them or have them delivered accordingly. By using the solution, staff will also have full visibility of inventory – alongside real-time sales data – in order to optimize warehouse storage solutions and ultimately guarantee order fulfilment for each and every customer.

What’s more, as customer experience becomes the key market differentiator for retailers hoping to thrive in the “new normal”, the unified commerce platform will improve “at table or phone” ordering for hospitality businesses and, by extension, free up store and hospitality staff to provide best-in-class service for their customers.

Data and analytics

All data inputted into the platform is automatically transferred to any business’s retail cloud software in real-time, and helps to inform detailed analytics, with intelligent suggestions and updates on proposed actions for operations teams.

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Henning Lieng, Managing Director at ExtendaGO, said: “Our ExtendaGo technology has always been pioneering in that it provides a full end-to-end solution for retail and hospitality businesses wanting to digitally transform their offering quickly, seamlessly, and in a way that doesn’t compromise on the customer experience. Being able to launch this on iPhone was always our end goal given the universality and – from a technical standpoint – gold-standard of cyber-security of iPhone devices globally. Now there’s no end to what we can achieve for our customers using our market-leading software on any iOS device. And now as Apple will allow “tap on phone” for payments, our iPhone POS will be one of the most advanced sales machines for store staff to allow an all-in-one solution for sales and payments in one device. “

Jenny Marie Andersen, Owner & Founder at SOHO Urban Eatery, said: “As the joy of an open society where people can socialise again has taken over Oslo due to post-COVID-19 celebrations, the number of eager customers visiting Soho Urban Eatery has soared lately."

“It is important for us to be able to meet each of our customers with the presence they expect and deserve, and at the same time keep track of who ordered what – for when and where. The ExtendaGO POS on iPhone allows easy order-taking for our waiters, and with all orders immediately showing up on the Kitchen Display Screens, both our staff and customers know exactly when their order is coming up."

“I take pride in the tastes and sensations our food provides, and ExtendaGO POS removes the hassle – allowing me to focus on creating these special food experiences and moments for our customers.”

Unlike other solutions on the market, ExtendaGO on iOS hosts the full suite of functionalities brands need to succeed – all of which are available to use and derive insights from on the mobile app. As digital transformation becomes a key priority for businesses this year, the unified commerce platform will be crucial to instigating change that is convenient, user-friendly, and secure.

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