Get started with ExtendaGO

Getting started with ExtendaGO POS is super simple. All you need is an iOS device and access to the internet - and of course, a user account. If you haven’t created one yet, you can do that here: Create an account.


Our hardware recommendations can be found here: Hardware recommendations. Feel free to use equipment you already have, get it yourself, or buy from one of our great partners.

User manuals

You can find all our user guides on this page. For a quick start to sales, we recommend that you follow this guide: ExtendaGO POS manual.


All administration of your cash register system is done in the Retail Cloud backoffice. Everything from employees and users to articles and reports. Log in to the backoffice can be found on our website, Use the menu at the top of any page to select Customer login.


We offer a free 30-day trial subscription. To continue using the solution after the first 30 days, a payment card must be added to the account in the backoffice.

Seasonal subscription

You will not be charged during periods where there is no sale within 30 days before the invoice date. A perfect solution for seasonal industries! The Retail Cloud backoffice will remain available and can be used during the charge-free periods, should you need reporting, maintenance, or anything else.

Payment terminals

The simplest and most affordable solution for most small businesses is SumUp. It is fully integrated with ExtendaGO and easy to use. Learn more, create a SumUp account, and order a terminal here: SumUp website.


ExtendaGO iOS POS is easy to use, reliable and has comprehensive user guides. But we understand you may also want in-person support at times.

Need help? Let's talk!

Our team is happy to answer questions and help you get started with ExtendaGO.