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At ExtendaGO, we acknowledge the finite resources of our planet and strive to promote the circular economy, which emphasizes minimizing waste and optimizing resource utilization. Within this framework, consignment stores play a crucial role in embracing the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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Consignment sales made easy with our tailored POS

Register new articles from new suppliers directly in the POS and label the new articles straight away. Sell the items using the label you made when registering it and automatically notify the seller once an article has been sold. Full transparency is key to success.

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Tailor your service

Learn your customers' shopping habits and provide thoughtful, personalized service. Leverage transaction history and advanced analytics to create engaging sales campaigns with gift cards, loyalty programs, perks, and much more.

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Omnichannel features

Our cloud-based product catalog allows both customers and staff to search and access product details through a barcode scan or keyword search. Use our Ordin web shop to present your entire and rapidly updated catalog online. Or connect your Woocommerce, Shopify or Shopware store to do the same.


Give your items a second life! If you choose the best POS system for your consignment store, you will:

  • Contribute to reducing the demand for new products, thereby lowering the extraction of raw materials and energy.
  • Promote the culture of reuse and repair by offering a space where skilled professionals can repair and refurbish items. This prevents them from becoming waste prematurely and consequently, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Enable an affordable alternative to purchasing new items, allowing individuals to save money while still acquiring quality products. This ensures that more people can participate in sustainable consumption and make conscious choices.

Customizable, cost-effective, and ready to GO

ExtendaGO boasts the best POS and unified commerce system for consignment stores, vintage retailers and second hand shops. See for yourself with a free 30-day trial!

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Automate your finances and track profits with precision

  • Consignment sales VAT handling: ExtendaGO POS streamlines your finances with advanced reports and automated calculations to accurately track your profit after taxes.
  • Know your profit instantly: By scanning the barcode on the product label, you can determine your profit share and the supplier's share.
  • Advanced supplier/consignor sales report: Gain complete control over the sales of items from numerous suppliers by obtaining insights into your generated revenue, outstanding debts, cost price obligations, and more.
  • Supplier/consignor follow up and transparency: ExtendaGO ensures effective communication, accountability, and visibility in the company's relationship with its suppliers.

Effortless product management and streamlined transactions

  • Streamline operations: When an item is sold, the supplier will receive an email notification to ask for the payment by simply providing their account details.
  • Extensive product life cycle tracking: From the moment you receive an item until the moment it is sold. Additionally, the system automatically removes products that have been sold.
  • Product management: Automated directly from the POS including, price labels.
  • No additional cost: These functionalities are included with the POS.

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