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Take your sales game to the next level with our cloud-based point of sale solution, designed specifically for beauty and health retailers.

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Innovative features designed for health and beauty businesses

Run your spa, salon, or beauty boutique with the latest technology and a user-friendly POS that can be set up on any iOS device. Our cloud-native software offers the best of business management and sales capabilities, streamlining operations and freeing up more time for customer interaction. Connect your online store, physical locations, and supply chain into one unified platform for complete control.


  • Effortless setup and user-friendly interface for quick order processing.
  • Convenient payment and delivery options for an elevated customer experience.
  • In-depth reporting to help drive growth and success.
  • Simplify operations and improve the customer experience with our cutting-edge POS solution.
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Personalize your service

Understand your customers' preferences and provide tailored, exceptional service. Use transaction history and analytics to create engaging campaigns with gift cards, loyalty programs, and more.

ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_HEALTH & BEAUTY_Take control

Take control of you business

Control all aspects of your establishments from a single POS system, including sales reports, employee schedules and permits, cash closing, and more.

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Stay fully stocked

With GO Look & GO CTRL you can manage inventory in real-time, get low-stock alerts and keep your best-selling products in stock. Easily handle size and color variants, transfer items between locations, process returns and exchanges, and restock immediately.


Cost-effective & customizable

Our market-leading POS and unified commerce platform provide everything you need to run your business. See for yourself with a free 30-day trial!

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Key features

Maximize your health and beauty business with ExtendaGO's intuitive features, designed specifically for your industry.

Omni-channel click and collect

Improve the Shopping Experience of your customers through Click & Collect. ExtendaGO enables you to run your business on Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shopify and Shopware.

Takes offline transactions

Built-in offline functionality means no missed sales, even without internet connectivity. Transactions are backed up and synced when back online.

Flexible and scalable

Adapt to changing sales trends with ease, with the ability to add new checkouts or functionalities as your business grows.

Cloud-native app

Effortlessly set up and use our plug & play app, with the ability to manage operations from anywhere, anytime.


Be faster and streamline your operations at the store, free up your customers from long queues and waiting time.

Payment options for everyone

Accept all major payment methods, including cash and contactless, securely and efficiently.

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