Extenda Retail partners with KassaCompany to deliver POS and Retail Cloud platform to Dutch market

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  • ExtendaGO, part of Global retail software company Extenda Retail, launches partnership with software consultancy business KassaCompany
  • ExtendaGO consolidates presence in Benelux area
  • ExtendaGO’s solutions accelerate in-store processes for small and medium-sized retail stores & hospitality businesses
ExtendaGO partners with KassaCompany

ExtendaGO, a business unit of the global retail software company Extenda Retail, will provide its cloud-based POS and Retail Cloud solutions to retailers via the Dutch software consultancy business KassaCompany. Kassacompany has large experience in working closely with companies in the full integration of POS systems, from the moment of selection to the post-installation support.

With the partnership, ExtendaGO is expanding in the Netherlands, and KassaCompany can now extend their range of products and solutions, enhancing their go-to-market offer for Dutch retailers.

The solutions that ExtendaGO provides are built to suit any retail sector, and thanks to being cloud-based, they enable easy setup and fast rollout for retail customers and partners. With decades of expertise, the ExtendaGO solutions are highly competitive, adding value to any business.

ExtendaGO’s retail solutions can be used directly by a retailer. Alternatively, they can be added to a reseller’s go-to-market portfolio such as KassaCompany, if the reseller joins the partner programme developed for the purpose – the Ignite Partner Programme.

Considering the fast-paced retail landscape and growing digital demands, ExtendaGO provides support and assistance to every different case, being a unique and value-adding asset to both retailers and resellers.

Jeroen Leijen, CEO, at Kassacompany says: “KassaCompany has chosen to broaden its range with ExtendaGO’s tablet POS App, in order to be able to offer every retailer the right POS solution. Our portfolio is now extended with more competitive solutions, and the team will be able to explain and recommend ExtendaGO’s solutions, either on location or through our online platform. We will also provide assistance after the installation, ensuring the success of our clients.”

Henning Lieng, Director of ExtendaGO, says: “The partnership with KassaCompany represents a huge step in our expansion, not only in the Benelux area but across Europe as well. We’re thrilled that KassaCompany is joining the Ignite Partner Programme, to exponentially boost their portfolios with a fast, reliable, and cloud-based offer.”

For further information please contact:

Ebba Nyberg
Marketing Manager
Extenda Retail
Tel. +46 732 512 561
Email: ebba.nyberg@extendaretail.com

Albert de Vlieger
Executive Sales Manager
Email: albert.de.vlieger@extendaretail.com

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