ExtendaGO partners with Registo to deliver POS and Retail Cloud platform to the Dutch market

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  • ExtendaGO, part of Global retail software company Extenda Retail, signs partnership with Dutch software consultancy company Registo
  • The partnership represents an important step in ExtendaGO’s European expansion and consolidates presence in the Netherlands
  • ExtendaGO’s retail systems are cloud-based and flexible to the business sector. A retailer can directly purchase the solution, or through a partner.

Stockholm, Sweden, Monday 25th October 2021 – ExtendaGO, a business unit that is part of the global retail software company Extenda Retail, partners with the software business consultancy Registo, located in the Netherlands. Registo has solid knowledge and expertise of cash register systems, software and security, which is the perfect fit for ExtendaGO cloud-based POS and Retail Cloud solutions.

The solutions that ExtendaGO provides are flexible, scalable, and can be adapted to any retail sector. As the software is cloud-based, it enables easy setup and fast rollout for retail customers and partners, adding value to any business.

By launching the partnership with Registo, ExtendaGO is expanding further in the Benelux region, while Registo extends its range, enhancing their go-to-market offer for Dutch retailers.

ExtendaGO’s retail solutions can be purchased directly through reseller partners such as Registo. The company will be part of ExtendaGO’s Ignite Partner Programme with many other leading retail resellers across Europe.

ExtendaGO provides ongoing support and assistance to both retailers and resellers, enabling customers and partners to exceed requirements within the retail landscape.

Lennart Otter, co-owner at Registo, says: “Registo has chosen ExtendaGO due to its reliability and security. We’ve added to our range of solutions in order to have a more tailored response to the retailer’s specifications, and ExtendaGO’s offer is very competitive. We usually include support after the installation, to unburden our customers so that they can focus on doing business and making a success of their business.”

Henning Lieng, Director at ExtendaGO, says: “This partnership is very relevant as Extenda Retail and ExtendaGO expands across Europe. We now have multiple partners in the Netherlands, with Registo becoming our representative in the Western coast of the country.”

For further information please contact:
Ebba Nyberg
Marketing Manager
Extenda Retail
Tel: +46 732 512 561
Email: ebba.nyberg@extendaretail.com

Albert de Vlieger
Channel Manager The Netherlands and Germany
Tel: +31 (0)6 124 79 227
Email: albert.de.vlieger@extendaretail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/adevlieger

Marco Dolstra
Sales Manager
Tel: +31 (0)5 912 39 286
Email: marco@registo.nl

About Registo

Registo specializes in shop automation. We look for the right solution that suits our customer’s needs. We pay special attention to the service given, ensuring quality and continuity. We use a customer-oriented approach, aimed at the best tailor-made solutions based on the wishes of our customers. Aftercare and customer service is an extremely important aspect for us. We are always available by phone, email, social media or at our office. Our main goal is to make sure that we can make you as a customer happy with our excellent service, so that you have all the time to make your own store a success.

Learn more at www.registo.nl.

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