How to drive new sales by upgrading your POS system

Have you taken enough care to ensure your POS is meeting your business needs?


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We know that running a business can be hard.
The long hours. The stress. The challenges.
But we also know that running a business can be great.
The customer satisfaction.
The financial reward.
The fulfillment of a dream.

However, in the rush to keep everything moving and succeeding, we also know that sometimes business owners might find themselves paying less attention to the internal workings behind-the-scenes.

For example, compared to how much time is spent focused on products, services, employees and customers, the importance of a POS system often takes a backseat. But without the right one at the heart of your business, how are you going to drive sales, improve productivity, increase profit and boost consumer loyalty?

Let’s look at it this way. Imagine a business that sells the latest high-tech gadgets but is still doing those day-to-day transactions and stock ordering through an ancient and low-tech POS. Then consider the company giving its customers the greatest service it can ever offer, while not asking for the same level of service from its own POS supplier. Instead it is accepting much less from them. Another owner might even be offering regular discounts to customers in return for their loyalty but failing to ask for the same for themselves from the provider of the POS they have always been loyal to.

Recognise yourself in any of these three scenarios? If so, it’s time to stop for a moment and ask yourself… How can this be changed?

Your POS is central to everything your business does

A modern POS system is what every business needs to keep its whole operation ticking over, from ensuring stock levels are correct and pricing is up-to-date to knowing that inventory is in the right place and loyalty programmes are in place to reward customers. But all too often, businesses are stuck with a legacy system that just isn’t up to the job – with owners scared to change in case it causes lots of upheaval and added stress.

Well, it doesn’t have to, not when you make the switch to ExtendaGO… in fact, it only takes 30 minutes before the whole upgraded system is live.

How can you accept investing everything you have – both financially and in terms of energy – into a business that isn’t set up to run as efficiently as it can be? Having a poor POS slows it all down and causes continual issues and frustrations for your management, employees and customers.

On top of that, it can hamper growth because your competitors will certainly be using newer and more practical solutions to achieve far more success, in far less time.

Still using an old and outdated POS?

If the answer to that question is an honest ‘yes’ then it’s time to ask yourself… Why is this the case and how can the situation be improved and changed? You’d never accept second best from one of your day-to-day stock or product suppliers. And your customers would never accept second best from what you provide to them.

So if you’re still existing day-to-day with an out-of-date POS at the heart of your business, then maybe it really is the right time to change… because there is another better choice available.

ExtendaGO is an easy and intuitive cloud-based POS, one that can be run from an Apple iPad or iPhone. Portability is key because it can be used from anywhere, whether in the stockroom or at the checkouts and even by the front door when welcoming customers in. Even more critically for your business, ExtendaGO offers a level of oversight in real time, the likes of which you might never have experienced before.

You’ll be able to see at a glance what levels of stock you have, what your latest turnover or profit is and view the sort of items customers return and receive refunds for. Using ExtendaGO, you can also build a loyal customer base by offering a reward system that will keep people coming back time and time again. It will even make your business more sustainable and do away with paper by offering digital email receipts.

How do you sign up to ExtendaGO?

If you’re now asking yourself how upgrading your POS system will help you drive sales and gain new customers, we’ve got good news for you… it is easy to take that first step. ExtendaGO is affordable and comes with a free 30-day trial. After that one POS is €39/month while up to three units – so employees across the store could use a device as a checkout or enable one as a self-checkout – cost €59/month. This includes over-the-air updates with all your data stored in the cloud.

We know running a business is hard – so why make it even harder? Instead take action now to run your business much more efficiently, enjoying an even greater day-to-day experience by tapping into the latest ExtendaGO technology by putting it at the heart of your operations. Don’t wait to be left behind by your rivals, asking yourself why they’ve succeeded where you haven’t. Not when a new POS is within easy reach and ready to transform your business and your business opportunities.

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When it comes to upgrading your POS to drive sales, improve productivity, increase profits and boost consumer loyalty, it’s time to stop asking why you should, and instead start asking… How do I get started with ExtendaGO?


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