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If you’re reading this, then we’re guessing you might be considering trading up from your old Checkout / Point of Sale system or investing in a new one for the first time… right? Well, that’s a great thing to hear because putting the right technology at the heart of your business will always save money in the long run.

It will also increase productivity and ultimately make everything you do each day easier to manage – boosting your profits.

There’s also a huge bonus when choosing to run a cloud-based POS like ExtendaGO – you can do it straight from an iOS device, even one you already own. In fact, you’ll be up and running with it on a Wi-Fi connection in just 30 minutes.

Now if that has you all excited for the potential sales success ahead, then here are 10 key reasons why an iPad POS should be the next big thing in your retail or service business.


You probably already own the main tool
As we said, ExtendaGO can be run from an Apple iPad or iPhone, and it’s very likely you’ll have one of those sitting around.

Make your whole POS mobile
There’s no need to be tied to a desk-based checkout when you have a cloud-based iPad POS system. In fact, you can use it anywhere in your store or business premises. That portability is perfect when there are customer queries or sales to deal with face-to-face.

The interface is simple and intuitive
If you know how to use a touchscreen, and most of us surely do (even babies), then a cloud-based iPad POS is a breeze. With a clean design and an easy-to-understand workflow, you’ll have every part of your business in view and at your fingertips with just a swipe.

Know your numbers every time
Want up-to-date stock info? You got it. Need the latest turnover or profit? It’s there for you to see. Curious about returns and refunds? The latest stats are ready in real-time. That’s the beauty of a cloud-based iPad POS, it’s so easy for number-crunching.

Manned or self-checkout – you choose
Did you know your cloud-based iPad POS can act as a manned checkout device or be used by customers as self checkout (SCO)? That makes this technology extremely flexible and cost efficient. SCOs are also great for improving customer flow and consumer satisfaction.

Get rid of paper receipts
Sustainability is more important than ever and with a cloud-based iPad POS you can make paper receipts a thing of the past. Just input a customer’s email address with a transaction to send them a digital copy. You could even see if they want to opt-in to your marketing.

Take the sales action outdoors
The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted so much with service-based businesses like bars and restaurants needing to serve outdoors. This is simple with a cloud-based iPad POS and for so many stores, it also allows flexibility to create pop-ups or stands in locations elsewhere.

Crack on with Click and Collect
Another adjustment from Coronavirus is customer demand for buying and paying online, and then picking up an order. With a cloud-based iPad POS this is simple to manage and fast to serve. Available inventory is also updated fast so consumers see exactly what you have.

Ensure loyalty and rewards
With all your cloud-based data and analytics available on the iPad, you can easily manage loyalty programmes, marketing campaigns and gift rewards or give discounts to single customers or wider groups. You can also sell and redeem digital gift cards with no hassle.

Last but not least… the price is right
Whether as a single store, or chain, a cloud-based iPad POS system is affordable. ExtendaGO comes with a free 30-day trial and after that one POS is €39/month while up to three units is €59/month. This includes over-the-air updates with all your data stored in the cloud.

So what are you waiting for?

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