Why your business needs a fresh start with a new POS system

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Technology makes our lives far better and easier, that’s what they always say, isn’t it?

And generally in our personal world, we know and see that to be true.

But when it comes to running your retail business, can you really say – hand on heart – you are making the most of what technology has to offer you on a day-to-day basis?

One of the most transformational pieces of retail kit for any retail SME is a cloud-based Point of Sale system, but many are yet to make this simple shift – even though it would allow them to step into the future with full control over their inventory, orders and payments.

If you’re still using paper and pen, unconnected retail systems, or failing to automatically connect real-time data across stock levels, reordering needs and sales, then you’re going to be wasting many hours, a lot of effort and (we bet) money too.

Of course, we know and understand the usual reasons people don’t upgrade technology within their business – they believe it to be too expensive, way too complicated or that it will take too long to implement. But ask yourself:

  • If it could be done in just 30 minutes, would you sign up?
  • If it could increase your productivity, would you be interested?
  • If it offered real-time data insight to make a greater profit, would you say yes?

We suspect you would on all three counts.

It’s for those reasons, and many more, that ExtendaGO – a low-cost POS system with everything in the cloud – was created. It works via a normal Apple iPad or iPhone to handle your everyday sales and payments and it is matched to an online Backoffice in a web browser that will manage your products and customers plus simplify in-store tasks.

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There’s even an ExtendaGO app to ensure daily retail life is even more easy to navigate and work through.

Best of all, any type of business can use it, from restaurants to cafes, hairdressers to convenience stores and clothing shops to accessory stores.

We appreciate that embedding a whole new POS system into your retail environment can seem scary, we hear you on that. But it doesn’t have to be.

ExtendaGO is a low-cost solution (just 39€ per month for one POS) and it is totally user-friendly, including everything your business needs to become more efficient, and ultimately more profitable, for example:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Graphical views of the last seven days of turnover
  • Information on numbers of customers buying from you
  • Inventory checks and counts
  • The ability to offer gift cards
  • Digital receipts

… and much more

Today’s consumers want convenience more than ever. They want to quickly interact with their favourite stores, buy what they need fast and be in and out of your premises with as little friction or hassle as possible.

Today’s business owners want simplicity more than ever. They want to have the right real-time stock and sales data in their hands when they need it, to easily offer discounts and loyalty campaigns and to make shopping a delight for everyone.

At ExtendaGO, we want both of those scenarios to happen more than ever. Therefore, we have created a POS solution that can be set up in minutes on an iPad, that empowers business owners, resulting in happier staff and consumers, streamlining in-store processes to deliver top-class customer service.

And that is what we have created. You can find out more about it, and see where to sign up, right here:

Start your POS journey with us


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