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Wallmob add ons and integrations

WooCommerce integration is an add on delivered by Maksimer enabling an excellent webshop integration with Wallmob. 

Visma eAccounting integration is embedded in the Wallmob product. Accounting data is sent to eAccounting every night and the setup is done inside wallmob by customers own wish. 

Stay ahead of the herd with the future of ERP systems – Visma.NET. Cloud Connection provides a standard integration enabling use of Wallmob as the POS.

e-Conomic is the leading accounting system in Denmark. The integration is embedded in the Wallmob product for Danish customers. Accounting data is sent to e-Conomic every night and the setup is done inside Wallmob by customers own wish including sync of items and prices.


We Order – your own preorder app integrated with Wallmob. We Order offers an affordable app for your store to take pre orders integrated with Wallmob. Grow your business today! 

Short term rental? Visma Exso provides short term rental of Wallmob POS. The rental package includes HW and payment terminal. Applicable in Norway.

ninito offers self-service solutions. Let the customer take the ordering process in their own hands and focus on what you do best. Powerful customization options for branding, products and upselling. Easy on-boarding and automatic synchronization with Wallmob.

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Payment solutions

Sum Up payment terminals are market leaders in cheap payments. Low investments and low transaction fees. If you need fast and reliable card payments for Wallmob this is the perfect solution. SumUp comes with a special Wallmob offer!

Yes, we are integrated with Vipps. Get control of your Vipps payment by having it integrated in the POS. Just type the customers phone number and get payed. Applies to Norwegian customers. 

Order Vipps now!

ISMP terminals from Swedbank Pay is a premium payment terminal for rent with or without integrated scanner. Swedbank Pay offers possibility for offline transactions, support for BankAxept (Norway) and DanKort (Denmark). 

Adyen is now ready to use with Wallmob! Simplify and optimize your POS payments. Enjoy an optimized point of sale solution for all businesses using the latest technology, for any customer journey.

Dintero Checkout Instore is a payment solution provided by the Norwegian fintech company Dintero and offers new and unique opportunities for in-store payments. With a simple and quick integration your store can offer the same payment options as any online store with Vipps, Swish (Sweden), invoice, installments and card payments. Dintero also offers eReceipts.

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