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“In many of the Binea projects with our customers, a strong and flexible solution for POS management is one of the key areas where we need to provide the best solutions possible. After evaluating among many different options, we have chosen ExtendaGO as our partner, not only because of the powerful POS solution but also because of the close collaboration we have been able to establish with ExtendaGO, which has proven to be a value proposition to our projects.”

KassaCompany, established in 2018, relieves and supports retailers in every area of a POS system, shop automation and shop management. Thanks to our e-commerce knowledge and technology, we can also offer a fully integrated omnichannel solution, assuring retailers of a professional and profitable online store. Everything clearly arranged in one system.

Visma Exso has been a partner with ExtendaGO for a long time. Visma Exso (Visma Esscom in Sweden) supplies complete solutions for ExtendaGO. They can help any customer with hardware, service agreements, distribution support and IT services.

At SuiteUp we are NetSuite partners. We can facilitate the whole process of setting up retailers’ new ERP in the cloud, but above all, we will make sure that they don’t have to think about their ERP when it comes to managing their business and moving it forward. Consulting, outsourcing, training or development, we do everything retailers can imagine with our ERP solutions.

Customer expectations change fast and our mission is to help retailers respond with the best solutions at the right speed to market and at the right cost. We support our client’s digital journey by implementing process and technical solutions that create amazing shopping experiences. Where2Retail is at the forefront of Digital Transformation for Retail. We are going digital with you!

Binea‘s business concept is to provide e-commerce systems and ancillary services that make it easier for companies to conduct profitable e-commerce. We are developing our own e-commerce platform that meets both target groups B2C and B2B. We deliver it as a complete solution to stores and companies with design, installation, consulting, integration and operation. We take your e-commerce to the next step, an IT project from start to finish.

Cinebase is young, creative and driven. The crew consists of 8 knowledgeable specialists, whose expertise ensures you’ll get the most out of your project.

Dekon assists with all kinds of products and services for your store or chain, offering hardware, provision, support and IT services.

Butikk- og InformasjonsSystemer AS (BIS AS) was founded in 1995 and has offices in Kristiansand, Norway. As an ExtendaGO Partner, BIS covers the entire country of Norway with its services related to store data and data-related equipment.

Resatec started in 2002 as a distributor of hardware for shoplifting security systems. Today they have a solid presence in the Benelux region with a unique network of professional service engineers who install and maintain personalized hardware and solutions.

Registo specializes in shop automation. We look for the right solution that suits our customer’s needs. We pay special attention to the service given, ensuring quality and continuity. We use a customer-oriented approach, aimed at the best tailor-made solutions based on the wishes of our customers. Our main goal is to make sure that we can make you as a customer happy with our excellent service, so that you have all the time to make your own store a success.

Always eager to reach new horizons, Digital Kreations strives to ensure client success. Founded in 2011, the fast-growing business offers global support in IT infrastructure and EPOS for both retail and hospitality sectors.

Digital receipts and loyalty in one platform whilst respecting customers’ data privacy. Digital receipts are an essential part of the future of customer experience post-purchase. With ReceiptHero you can up your marketing efforts to reward loyal customers with targeted offers. Our partnership with ExtendaGO makes it easy to offer digital receipts to your customers out of the box. Ready to rethink the receipt? Contact us to get set up!

“Where2Retail has chosen to broaden its range with ExtendaGO’s iPad POS App, in order to be able to offer every retailer the right POS solution. Our portfolio is now extended with more competitive solutions than before, and the team will be able to provide the necessary training and recommend ExtendaGO’s solutions, either on location or through our online platform. We will also provide assistance after the installation, ensuring the success of our clients.”

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