Speed up your checkout process with an iOS-based POS system

The modern retail landscape is harshly competitive, and companies are looking for every edge they can get. Optimizing the point of sale setup, e.g. by choosing an iOS-based POS system, can boost your efficiency and flexibility to new levels.

Using your POS system on the fly through iPad, iPhone and other iOS-compatible devices has many advantages. You can customize your cloud-native POS solution to create an efficient, safe and customer-friendly business. In this article we will explore what your company has to gain from using an iOS-based POS system.

The emergence of modern POS system

POS systems have gone a long way, and have a lot to offer business of all kinds and sizes. Many of today’s solutions are all-in-one systems that function as a hub for sales, inventory, payments, customer data, and much more. Extenda Retail’s cloud-native, iOS-based POS ExtendaGO is an example of one of those systems. Pairing your business with a top-of-the-line solution is a great way to stay one step ahead of the competition - now and in the future.

What should you consider when choosing a POS?

There are many POS systems to choose from, not just iOS-based solutions. It’s good to base your overall choice on your business needs. We recommend that you have a look at these factors when choosing a system:

  • Are the features a good match for your business needs?
  • Is the system easy to use and understand?
  • How much is your budget?
  • What are the service fees and terms?
  • Does the system safeguard customer data and other business information?
  • How does the POS match your long-term business plans?

Why should you choose an iOS-based POS system?

There are several good reasons to choose an iOS-based POS system: 

  • Ease of use: cash registers and POS systems come in many forms. iOS-based POS systems have modern, intuitive interfaces that are easy to understand and navigate for customers and employees.
  • Mobility and flexibility: using an iOS-based POS system means that your payment infrastructure follows you where your device goes.
  • Reliability: Apple products are known for their reliability and stability. This means less downtime and other issues that might impact your customer experience.
  • Security: iOS devices include Apple's robust security features. The regular updates and built-in encryption ensures that sensitive customer data is protected.
  • Scalability: meeting increased demand with a cloud-native iOS-based solution is a breeze. If you have a cloud-native, scalable system and iOS in place, all you need to do to expand is to add more devices.
  • No extra cost for updates: all updates and upgrades that are made in the cloud are automatically updated at the POS without the need for extra monthly license fees.
  • Integrations and apps: using iOS gives you access to many integrations and apps that can help you tailor your POS setup. It also makes it easy to seamlessly integrate the POS system with other Apple apps and solutions.

Apple or Android POS?

Your choice of device(s) and operating system has a big impact on your operation. For some, it comes down to choosing between Apple iOS and Android. The iOS solutions are known to be more safe and easier to keep up to date over time. It’s true that Android offers some low-cost hardware options, but they might risk becoming outdated, no longer supporting your POS.

Apple is in full control of the iOS hardware, which means that the devices are consistently updated. That is not the case for Android, as updates are left up to the individual device manufacturers. These differences can have a big impact on your POS operations, so it’s good to do your research and be aware of them. 

iPad POS vs. desktop/on-premise POS

The choice also comes down to which devices you want to use, and how. For instance, an iOS-based POS means that you can leverage the full power of iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices. You no longer need to take your payments at a stationary place, or even on-premise. In fact, you can sell and process transactions anywhere.

Imagine a restaurant where the waiters can walk around with their iPad POS, iPhone POS and accept orders on the fly. The orders will immediately be communicated to the kitchen through the mobile POS system. Payments can also be accepted on the fly, anywhere in the establishment. No wasted time, no human error or misunderstandings; just POS-driven efficiency.

It’s also a very interesting solution for pop-up shops and outdoor markets, as the freedom allows you to quickly set up shop and begin accepting payments.

ExtendaGO - a seamless iOS plug & play POS solution

The ExtendaGO POS from Extenda Retail is an iOS-based system providing all these benefits. The plug & play POS runs on any iOS device and guarantees a seamless, secure checkout experience. Data is transferred in real-time to the Retail Cloud software where you’ll find detailed analytics, intelligent suggestions, and advanced features to stay ahead of the game.

For restaurants and bars, there is also the ExtendaGO KDS (Kitchen Display Module) module that can turn any iOS device into a powerful food & beverage order management tool with our cutting-edge kitchen display system

If you’re not completely sure about your decision, there’s always the free trial option. You can try the ExtendaGO POS system for 30 days, so you can be completely sure about your choice.

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With extensive experience in POS solutions, payments, and terminal business, Albert has a strong European focus. He has built successful partnerships with resellers and technology partners in the hospitality and retail industries. He has authored several articles on ePOS systems and the applications for small and mid-sized businesses.

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