• ExtendaGO, part of Global retail software company Extenda Retail, signs partnership with SuiteUp
  • SuiteUp is located in Spain and has a strong presence across the Iberian Peninsula, enabling ExtendaGO to consolidate presence in Spain and Portugal
  • ExtendaGO’s solutions are developed for small and medium-sized businesses, tailored to help retailers and hospitality businesses in Cloud omnichannel transformation

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Stockholm, Sweden, Friday 23rd July 2021 – ExtendaGO, a business unit that is part of the global retail software company Extenda Retail, will provide its cloud-based software POS and Retail Cloud solutions to the retail and hospitality sector via the Spanish software consultancy business SuiteUp, which is the leading NetSuite implementation partner in Spain.

By launching the partnership with SuiteUp, ExtendaGO is expanding in Spain, and SuiteUp can now extend their range of products and solutions, enhancing their go-to-market offer for Spanish retailers.

The solutions that ExtendaGO offers are powerful, user-friendly and cloud-based, responding to the ever-changing demands from both retailers and consumers. With decades of expertise, the ExtendaGO solutions are highly competitive, adding value to any business.

Extenda Retail offers ExtendaGO’s POS and Retail Cloud solutions in two go-to-market models. Retailers can engage Extenda Retail directly, or alternatively, the solutions can be added to a reseller’s go-to-market portfolio through the IGNITE partner programme, designed specifically to give local software providers access to industry-leading technology. Extenda Retail is delighted to welcome SuiteUp as an IGNITE member for Spain.


Albert Palleja, General Manager of SuiteUp says:

“In many of the NetSuite projects with our customers, a strong and flexible solution for the POS management is one of the key areas where we need to provide the best solutions possible. After evaluating among many different options, we have chosen ExtendaGO as our partner, not only because of the powerful POS solution but also because of the close collaboration we have been able to establish with ExtendaGO, which has proven to be a value proposition to our projects.”

Henning Lieng, Director at ExtendaGO, says:

“The partnership with SuiteUp represents a huge step in our expansion, not only in our presence in Spain, but all across Europe. The IGNITE Programme allows resellers to exponentially boost their portfolios with a fast, reliable and cloud-based offer.”


For further information please contact:

Carolin Jaques
Marketing Director
Extenda Retail
Tel. +46 707 615 199
Email: carolin.jaques@extendaretail.com

Lily Verbeeck
IBERIA Channel Manager
Tel: +34 646178015
Email: lily.verbeeck@extendaretail.com

About SuiteUp

At SuiteUp we are NetSuite partners. We can facilitate the whole process of setting up retailers’ new ERP in the cloud, but above all, we will make sure that they don’t have to think about their ERP when it comes to managing their business and moving it forward. Consulting, outsourcing, training or development, we do everything retailers can imagine with our ERP solutions. If a retailer wants to count on the support of certified NetSuite experts for their project or for the evolution of their NetSuite platform, they should count on our Consulting team, SuiteUp.

Learn more: www.suiteup.net

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Distinguished for her expertise in POS solutions within the retail and hospitality industries, Miriam brings her rich experience and strategic foresight to the tech world. Renowned for her market insights in the European market, she navigates the complexities of the ePOS landscape with precision.

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