• ExtendaGO, part of global retail software company Extenda Retail, signs partnership with Where2Retail
  • Where2Retail is located in Portugal and has a strong presence across the Iberian Peninsula, enabling ExtendaGO to consolidate its presence in Spain and Portugal
  • ExtendaGO’s cloud-based POS and Retail Cloud solutions are tailored to help the retail, hospitality and leisure industries with their Cloud omnichannel transformation
  • The product range is easy to install and ready-to-GO, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses

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Stockholm, Sweden, Thursday 22nd July 2021 – ExtendaGO, a business unit that is part of the global retail software company Extenda Retail, will provide its cloud-based software POS and Retail Cloud solutions to the retail and hospitality sector via the Portuguese software consultancy business Where2Retail. Operating at the forefront of Digital Transformation for Retail, their mission is to help retailers operate with the best solutions and an accelerated speed-to-market and attractive price-point. Where2Retail support their clients’ digital journey by implementing processes and technical solutions that create amazing shopping experiences.

By launching the partnership with Where2Retail, ExtendaGO is expanding further in Portugal and Spain, and Where2Retail extends their range of products and solutions, in addition to enhancing their go-to-market offer for Portuguese and Spanish retailers.

The solutions that ExtendaGO provides are adapted to suit any retail sector, and thanks to being cloud-based, they enable easy setup and fast rollout for retail customers and partners. With decades of expertise, the ExtendaGO SaaS solutions are highly competitive, adding value to any business.

Extenda Retail offers ExtendaGO’s POS and Retail Cloud solutions in two go-to-market models. Retailers can engage Extenda Retail directly, or alternatively, the solutions can be added to a reseller’s go-to-market portfolio through the IGNITE partner programme, designed specifically to give local software providers access to industry-leading technology. Extenda Retail is delighted to welcome Where2Retail as its newest IGNITE member for Spain & Portugal.

To support resellers and retailers in today’s fast-paced retail landscape, ExtendaGO provides ongoing support and assistance, making the company’s cloud-based technology a unique and value-adding asset to both retailers and resellers.

Isabel Silva, Founder of Where2Retail says: “Where2Retail has chosen to broaden its range with ExtendaGO’s iPad POS App, in order to be able to offer every retailer the right POS solution. Our portfolio is now extended with more competitive solutions than before, and the team will be able to provide the necessary training and recommend ExtendaGO’s solutions, either on location or through our online platform. We will also provide assistance after the installation, ensuring the success of our clients.”

Henning Lieng, Director at ExtendaGO, says: “The partnership with Where2Retail represents a huge step in our expansion, not only in our presence in Spain and Portugal but all across Europe. The IGNITE Programme allows resellers to exponentially boost their portfolios with a fast, reliable and cloud-based offer.”

For further information please contact:

Carolin Jaques
Marketing Director
Extenda Retail
Tel. +46 707 615 199
Email: carolin.jaques@extendaretail.com

Lily Verbeeck
IBERIA Channel Manager
Tel: +34 646178015
Email: lily.verbeeck@extendaretail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lily-verbeeck

About Where2Retail:

The digital world demands that Retailers build strong relationships, both emotional and digital, with their customers. Customers want a pleasant experience, convenience, speed, and personalization, across any channel. Customer expectations change fast and our mission is to help retailers respond with the best solutions at the right speed to market and at the right cost. We support our client’s digital journey by implementing process and technical solutions that create amazing shopping experiences. Where2Retail is at the forefront of Digital Transformation for Retail. We are going digital with you!

Learn more: www.where2retail.com

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