We all know that an exceptional experience is really the minimum expected by customers in their shopping journey through your store, venue or restaurant. Customers want to be delighted by the range, expect consistent quality, the very best price, friction-free service, and an overall shopping, dining or membership experience that they will likely repeat if done right.

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An important component of this journey is the checkout experience. And we believe that the iPad is the best device for retailers who seek high service, mobility, and inherent security. An iPad just looks good and feels good to use. And having a branded point of sale device at your disposal anywhere on the “shop floor” means that you can walk the floor directly to where the customer is browsing, and sell. Bust queues, discuss product specifications, review price options, all whilst standing next to your buyer. Sales associates have access to real-time information to make the most of every interaction. And you can keep your tablet PoS portable with the addition of a wireless payment terminal, scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer.

All you need to do is download the app and you are good to (Extenda)GO. iPad’s are synonymous with quality, with security and with an exceptional user experience. The hundreds of thousands of R&D hours that have been invested in one of the most popular consumer devices on the planet can be at the forefront of your store, venue or restaurant brand. How much more of a statement can you make?

A POS is not just an app. POS is often connected to printers, scanners and a payment terminal. To just focus on one operating system that is consistent – the iOS environment secures the total quality of the solution.

So in summary:

  • Take the buying experience proactively to the customer PoS on an iPad
  • Put real-time information in the hands of your employees, wherever they are on the shop floor
  • Apple and iPads are synonymous with quality, security and performance
  • Exploit the hundreds of thousands of hours of R&D invested in one of the world’s most popular consumer devices and use it to proactively represent your brand
  • User-friendly and sleek interface which is familiar to staff members


The top 5 reasons:

  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Device management
  • Consistent Quality / Camera scanner
  • Performance

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// HW Benefits

  • Lifecycle
  • 2nd hand value
  • Transparency in pricing – no industrial high margin / cost products
  • No lead time or supplier lock in
  • Hardware & operating system developed by the same manufacturer, ensuring a consistent user experience
  • Pricing transparency on hardware
  • Easy for new users to learn processes

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