“With ExtendaGO we will be able to build a true, seamless omni-channel customer journey”

KungSängen is the largest interdependent bed chain in Sweden with approximately 50 physical stores and a webshop. The company owns and operates all stores with in-house logistics and manufacturing. During spring 2023 KungSängen chose ExtendaGO as the new point of sales solution. ExtendaGO provides innovative POS and retail back office solutions for single stores and larger chains.

With this partnership, KungSängen anticipates a significant boost in efficiency and productivity across every touchpoint, from the warehouse to the checkout. ExtendaGO´s technology will empower KungSängen to deliver an enhanced shopping experience, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction process for their customers.

“What made ExtendaGO stand out was its open API architecture and the ability to handle very complex product models and customer journeys, but still not becoming an enterprise solution” KungSängen Head of eCommerce & Omni-channel Ola Benemark states. “We already experience higher efficiency and significantly better quality in our orders. It has been very easy to set up a new store, it takes us about 20 min to change the old POS-system and get our new from ExtendaGO running”

ExtendaGO was selected after a comprehensive market evaluation. The POS enables integrations of all payment solutions including payment terminals, online credit service of the customers choice (Ressursbank) and the API first approach to integrations.

“We are proud to have KungSängen as our customer, their ambition on how to handle the customer interaction cross channels was something new. They have managed our open solution in an impressive way and are ready to utilize all our advantages to their own benefits”
Says Henning Lieng, Head of ExtendaGO


For more information please contact:

Carolin Jaques, Marketing Director Extenda Retail

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