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Our Retail Cloud is packed with technology that enables omnichannel retail with real-time sales data, flexibly integrating all the systems you need to run your business. The system presents information to you and your in-store staff proactively, in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly way, allowing you to streamline your business and focus on cost-efficiency and real-time actions based on key insights.

Meet & exceed customer demands

New shopping trends and customer expectations put pressure on retailers to create a unified solution that gathers all information in one interface. Our cloud-native Retail Cloud Platform leverages all the information from customer orders and transactions, stock and in-store product availability and prices to inventory and beyond, enabling you to offer a truly seamless shopping experience.

What is Unified Commerce?

As customers are served across different channels, from brick-and-mortar stores to online shops, high volumes of data are generated and stored, in real-time. In a Unified Commerce environment, this information is collected in one centralised platform, with real-time insights and access to the very latest information at your staff’s and customers’ fingertips.

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Operational benefits:

Never miss a beat (or sale) with the perfect POS

  • Real-time data for omni-fulfillment

Integrate your favourite e-Commerce or social shopping platform for instant access to in-store product availability. Enable cross-channel fulfillment, where your customers can either shop online or in-store with Self-Checkout or Click & Collect, and choose between in-store or curbside-PickUp. Our unified stock features help you go beyond selling in physical stores and enable omnichannel sales and fulfillment – with real-time Endless Aisle and inventory level features.

  • Up-to-date product information at your fingertips

Through our API-first technology, product information is updated in real-time, so you can count on amplified consistency across all channels. The Retail Cloud backoffice enables you to manage value-added tax and control different tax groups.

  • KPIs and Customised Dashboards

With easy-to-read dashboards and graphics, our Retail Cloud Backoffice provides real-time data on your business’ sales, KPI’s and inventory. Empower your staff with fully customisable reports, automatic Z-reports and dashboards, so that everyone – from in-store staff to management, can view important information and use it to achieve success.

  • We enable you to sell globally

We support multiple local languages, currencies and always guarantee our solution meets local regulations. At the moment, ExtendaGO is available in over 18 countries, including Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Finland and the UK. We recently received the candidate quality mark for secure systems by Stichting Betrouwbare Afrekensystemen, and retailers across the globe trust us to help them serve their customers.

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In-store fulfilment, inventory and warehouse management made easy

Take your stock management to the next level with real-time overview of in-store, stock and warehouse inventory levels. Our Retail Cloud backoffice keeps you one step ahead with tools to assess and optimise shopping and delivery channels to create an enjoyable omnichannel shopping experience and ensures you can unify your stock and avoid having too much inventory.

Equipped with functionality to assign several warehouses for each store and select nearby shops for effortless cross-store sales and returns management, ExtendaGO ensures maximum overview and efficiency for you, and a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Customer benefits:

Outstanding customer experiences at the heart of your business

  • Order history and customer details all in one place

Our Retail Cloud gives you a complete, 360 view of customers’ transaction history and interactions with your business, enabling your staff to interact on a personal level and offer an exceptional, personalised shopping experience to improve sales figures. Additionally, the system gives both you and your customers real-time order statuses across the board.

  • Engage customers, build loyalty and increase sales

Create carefully crafted marketing initiatives and campaigns that can be used in-store and online, across your chain or in a single location. Our Retail Cloud offers promotional codes, loyalty programmes, discounts and many other features, with the option of targeting a specific segment of your customer base. We have functionality for enabling countless campaign types based on product, mix & match, cart and much more, and you can manage campaigns centrally or locally.

Technical benefits:

Trailblazing technology that keeps you ahead of the game

  • Secure technology to super-charge your business

ExtendaGO’s plug-and-play cloud-native software makes for a secure, powerful and frictionless – yet cost-effective – POS and backoffice. We believe in creating durable and flexible unified commerce experiences without complex integrations or extensive training requirements. Our installations and upgrades are easy to run, and we enable your staff to manage them themselves.

  • Ease of integration

Our API-first strategy enables data flows from external systems, creating the real-time data exchange that makes true unified commerce possible. Getting started with our platform couldn’t be simpler – just plug & play! Through a quick and seamless REST API integration, you can get back to (much improved) business in a matter of minutes. You’ll be able to run and scale your business with more ease and flexibility than you ever thought possible.

  • Unlock exponential growth with ever-included upgrades

ExtendaGO Retail Cloud Platform is built for interaction with other web services, which translates into pure freedom to scale, design and build the way that fits your business – now, and in the future.

Our SaaS solution gives you immediate access to the latest POS technology, and we make sure retailers keep moving faster by including infinite upgrades, so you get instant access to new features and updates. As your business grows and evolves, the Retail Cloud adapts to your changing needs. Our razor sharp focus on innovation, gives you access to the most innovative POS and Retail Cloud backoffice on the market.

Built to perform and scale – today and in the future

ExtendaGO Retail Cloud is a high-performer, enabling you to easily scale as your demand changes. You’ll be able to handle an unlimited number of Points of Sales and store locations with our cloud-powered stability, without any change in performance.

The cloud-native backoffice is equipped with full offline capability, and your data is securely stored both on local devices and in the cloud in real-time, ensuring maximum uptime.

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Cloud retail is a powerful tool for retailers that are looking for a cost-efficient POS solution, as the technology delivers countless benefits: From data analytics that give key insights to customer behaviour, to inventory and stock management.

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