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Sell more – with less trouble! With the ExtendaGO iPad POS you’re ready to sell your goods in just a few minutes. From only EUR 39,- per Month.

Why choose ExtendaGO POS?

Compared to other POS solutions ExtendaGO iPad POS is unique in terms of ease of use and design – making shopping a delight for customers and sellers!

ExtendaGO is very easy to use. All you need to get started is:

  • An iPad
  • Internet


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To get started you need an iPad. Use the one you already have or order a new one and other equipment from our partner’s webshop that you can access after submitting the form.

If you want to continue with ExtendaGO after 30 days, sign up with one of our partners. If you can’t find a partner, add your credit card inside the solution account page. Using a single POS in the store will cost only EUR 39,- per month for the complete solution. No startup cost.

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New Name – Same Solution

Our innovative retail platform has been called ExtendaGO POS & Wallmob, and we are now harmonizing our brand, and the Wallmob solution is now called ExtendaGO POS & Retail Cloud. It’s the same solution – just with a new name! If you have any questions, please just get in touch with our team and we will be happy to talk to you about the new name! 

ExtendaGO iPad POS

Where the sale is completed.

  • Low cost
  • User friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Self checkout mode
  • Get started in minutes
  • Gift cards
  • Over the air updates. Gets better all the time.


Do all the administrative work directly in a browser.

  • Cloudbased
  • Complete control of stores and chain of stores
  • Campaigns
  • Customers, users, stores
  • Article- and priceinformation
  • State of the art API’s


The efficient way to do everyday tasks in store!

  • Free
  • Graphical views
  • Daily revenue for stores and chain
  • Revenue per hour/day
  • Stock functions
  • Order and receive goods
  • Print price labels
  • Read more about app here

Kitchen Display Screen App

The kitchen’s little helper. Get complete control of all orders to prepare foods and drinks, and delivery to customer.

  • Preparation and delivery of food and drinks.
  • Process orders
  • Connect it to a customer information screen to report progress
  • Included in the free trial. After trial a Full license is required.

Loyalty points in ExtendaGO

We at ExtendaGO have now started the implementation of a new mechanism for growing your business! We introduce a smooth loyalty point platform for free within ExtendaGO POS.

Very soon, you can set up for each product you sell, how many points the customer will earn when buying that product. When you connect a known customer with a sale in our POS, the loyalty points earned will build up on their balance. You decide how many points your customer gets for their purchase, so you can select how much one cent/øre/pence is worth in points.

Your customer will thereafter be able to use their points for partial or complete payment in ExtendaGO POS. Instantly, their balance is updated on our server, and the buying history is shown from the customer page. You can also have a CRM system control the loyalty points and add points for other activities.

So, how will you use this to grow your customer loyalty and reward those frequent visitors you consider more like friends than as customers?

ExtendaGO will do sales even better:

  • Food and beverage outlets
    ExtendaGO supports differenced pricing for eat in and out. Own Kitchen Display Screen App for orders to be prepared in a kitchen, bar or at the coffee machine. Self checkout option, integration towards WeOrder for ordering from an app and web, and self service solutions from ninito.
  • Health and wellness
    ExtendaGO is used by many and appreciated for its simplicity and great design. With its functions for gift cards and vouchers the salon will increase cash flow. The reports in backoffice provides a great overview of your business. ExtendaGO can be used in parallel or integrated with booking solutions.
  • Omnichannel shopping
    ExtendaGO is integrated towards WooCommerce and if you’d like a professional solution with no borders between your webshop and store this is the solution for you. Including a possibility for Click and Collect.
  • Specialized trade
    Simplify the work in store with ExtendaGO POS and App. The backoffice web based solution is an easy management interface.
  • Market places and fairs
    100% mobile solution means you can do sales everywhere, and you will be charged only those months the POS is in use. Great for on and off businesses.

Some of our great customers using ExtendaGO iPad POS:


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