Silent Touch POS

A user friendly, touch based Point of Sale system.

Go for it!

Silent Touch is a very reliable and modern Point Of Sale for your store or chain of stores.

It has been developed for over 20 years targeting the users requirements and expectations. This solution, which is Norway’s most used Point Of Sale (POS) inside specialized trade is known for it’s massive functionality and the ease of use. Silent Touch is used in several countries and complies of course to the Norwegian and Swedish POS legislations, as well as the Polish fiscalisation regulations (sale’s record).

The combination of functionality and simplicity makes Silent Touch a unique solution for the employees. Like our other POS solutions Silent Touch can also be used as a self checkout (SCO) unit by the customer.

Silent Touch will provide a fast and quiet print of receipt on a thermal printer. Inventory status can be shared between stores. Silent Touch is a standalone POS that can be integrated with our own backoffice system Smartstore and also others like Infor M3, SAP and other ERP systems.


Why choose Silent Touch POS?

  • Unique design
    State of the art user experience
  • Broad category support
    Suits every need
  • Logical user interface
    Easy to use with logical menus and steps
  • Easy navigation
    Intuitive setup of menus and buttons
  • Lots of functionality
    Years of market and experience driven development has resulted in lots of useful functionality
  • Reliable
    Being in the business for several years in houndreds of stores proves the reliability
  • Ergonomic
    Designed to reduce the load on the cashier
  • No keyboard markup
  • Hardware recommendations
    Quality hardware is tested and recommended
  • Very responsive
    Designed to give immediate respons to the cashier making a great buying experience for the customer

Key features:

  • Inbox
    Cashier can receive notifications like info from headquarters or incoming Click & Collect order
  • Electronic journal
    With search options
  • Sales options
    Cash and credit in the same POS
  • Inventory
    Inventory count using POS
  • Inventory lookup
    Both own and other shops
  • Receipt on hold
    Work with several customers at the time
  • Report preview
    Sales- and employee sales report can be previewed
  • Vouchers
    Give customers refunding vouchers when returning a product
  • Gift cards
    Provide gift cards for loyal customers
  • Warranty receipt
    Provide receipt for products with warranty
  • Shortcuts and buttons
    Configure your own favourite buttons and /or shortcuts
  • E-receipts
    Stored receipts with search options
  • Customer loyalty
    Integrations towards several loyalty providers
  • Orders in webshop/ERP
    Lookup and download of customer orders

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