SmartStore App

The smart app for your store

The app that makes store employees more efficient!

Made so that both shop employee and customer gets a better shopping experience – because work is more efficient and so time can be spent in store with the customer. Employees will be able to answer questions more efficiently by just using the app. No need to use back office or POS. This means less queues in the checkout point.

By using the digital assistant Extenda Retail Storepal the customer can call for help inside the store by sending a push message to the SmartStore App. Free more time for the employees to provide more help to the customers.

The efficient way to do everyday tasks!

What value will the app add to your store?

  • Easy access to:
    Daily turnover
    Graphical view of last seven days turnover
    Number of customers
    Turnover per day inside a period
  • Info/news from Extenda Retail
  • Important functions:
    Inventory check
    Inventory count
    Receipt of goods
    Order goods
    Customer in store support (requires Extenda Storepal)
    Group chat
    Add customer order
    Add articles to a campaign
    Article transfer between stores
    Print labels
    Return of goods to supplier

Check these videos of the app (in Norwegian):

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