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Smart cloud solutions built for success

With a focus on speed, ease of use, and functionality, our software package includes a powerful mobile POS and Retail Cloud backoffice - providing real-time access to everything you need to run your business.

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Retail Cloud
Unified commerce platform behind our POS.
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Point of sale
POS & back office for single stores and chains.
ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_SOLUTIONS_Start today

Start today

Plug & play technology ensures you’ll be ready to take payments and manage your business in no time. Quick to learn and even easier to use.

ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_SOLUTIONS_Save money

Save money

No upfront setup costs, no development costs - just a monthly payment of €39 per checkout/month for an industry-leading POS and a robust, cloud-native backoffice.

ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_SOLUTIONS_Grow & scale

Grow & scale

Flexible and customizable, our software is ready to scale as your business evolves. Add new checkouts with ease and expand functionality to match your needs.

Add-ons to streamline everyday tasks

Work smarter, not harder with helpful add-ons that support key operations across a number of industries. Combine them with the ExtendaGO point of sale and backoffice for an unbeatable set of business tools!


GO Ticket

The next-gen ticketing solution.

GO Look

Exceptional customer service with assisted selling.


Keep your in-store operations streamlined.


A powerful food & beverage order management tool.

GO Ordin

Power your business with an online ordering platform.

GO Pay

An omnichannel payment solution for unified checkouts.

How ExtendaGO POS transformed Isbilen’s mobile business

Isbilen’s ice cream trucks have delighted customers of all ages throughout Norway since 1996. They needed a payment system that’s easy for both drivers and customers. ExtendaGO was the right solution for Isbilen, now boasting a reliable and frictionless mobile POS that connects to their existing software ecosystem and supports their operations.

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