Wallmob hardware recommendations

This is what you need!

To make sure your Wallmob installation works flawlessly at any time ExtendaGO recommends the use of hardware listed on this page. All types of equipment is provided by one of our great partners. Or you can aquire it yourself.

iPad of your choice

  • Any iPad will be ok, but a newer and faster one will give a best possible experience!
  • Relevant for use as both POS and KDS
  • iOS version 10 or later is required. Or iPadOS.
  • Manufacturer product website 

Receipt printers

Star mC-Print3 Thermal Printer

  • Supports all other devices with cabled LAN and power
  • Manufacturer product website


Epson TM-T88VI

  • Prints 300mm per second
  • Paper reduction function
  • Bluetooth version required. Options for BT, LAN or wifi available
  • Manufacturer product website


  • USB
  • More affordable than mC-Print3
  • Does not support DS9208/9308 scanners
  • Manufacturer product website

Portable receipt printers

Epson TM-P20 series

  • Ultra light and compact. Robust.
  • Manufacturer product website 

Star SM-S230i

  • Super compact & durable design
  • Manufacturer product website


Zebra Symbol 2D DS 9208/9308

  • All purpose scanner
  • Requires Star mC-Print3 Thermal Printer
  • NOTE: DS 9308 requires mC-Print3 to have firmware version 3.0 or higher before connecting the scanner.
  • Manufacturer product website 

Portable payment terminals

SumUp Air

  • Low hardware cost
  • Crib for use as a stand with charging available.
  • Manufacturer product website 


Ingenico iSMP Companion

  • Swedbank Pay aquirer
  • Crib for use as a stand with charging available.
  • Manufacturer product website 

Verifone e85

  • Adyen aquirer
  • Service friendly
  • Pocket-sized
  • Manufacturer product website 

Countertop payment terminals

Verifone v400c

  • Adyen aquirer
  • Connected
  • Simple and smart
  • Manufacturer product website 

iPhone and iPod of your choice

  • iOS version 11 or later is required
  • For use with SmartStore App
  • Manufacturer product website (iPhone) 
  • Manufacturer product website (iPod) 

Label printers

Zebra ZD410

Zebra GK420

Portable label printers

Zebra QLN220

Our great partners can also help

Based on our partner model the direct support to the customer will happen through one of our great partners. If you need any kind of support that is not solved by browsing the information on this web site please contact one of our partners. If you don’t have a support contract, it can easily be added on the go, so that you can quickly move on.

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