Tiles and customers with a smile, thanks to a user-friendly Point-of-Sale from ExtendaGO.

StoryTiles creates tiles that tell a miniature story with a funny twist. Old Dutch designs are intertwined with modern designs. StoryTiles bakes its tiles in a traditional way in the Netherlands in a traditional oven. The tiles are sold to more than 300 stores in 20 different countries.

StoryTiles was looking for a new cash register system for their store in the beautiful “9 streets” shopping area in Amsterdam. Krista Spiegeler from StoryTiles: “The most important requirement was user-friendliness. This means everything should be clear, without too much fuss and with a nice layout. Everyone should be able to work with it, without requiring too much explanation.”

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Various POS systems were examined, after which the choice fell on ExtendaGO from Extenda Retail. Krista: “ExtendaGO was chosen because of the combination of user-friendliness and the user interface layout. It also has a nice backoffice where you get a clear overview of business operations and adding products is simple. You don’t even have to be in the store to manage the Point-of-Sale. The pleasant conversation with KassaCompany, another ExtendaGO POS user, was also a determining factor.”


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StoryTiles now uses the ExtendaGO iPad POS solution in combination with a linked ATM. The implementation went very smoothly. Krista: “All you have to do is provide a list and the rest will be done for you. Connecting the ATM also went smoothly and if there were any issues, someone was there right away to assist. We are super happy with the result.”

ExtendaGO increases conversion with an optimal customer experience

ExtendaGO has customer convenience at its core. The solution is therefore intended to simplify customer contacts. In addition, personalization features can be easily added, thanks to seamless integrations with loyalty systems. ExtendaGO’s simple and powerful POS helps to best serve customers through omnichannel delivery, comprehensive product data, contactless payments, endless aisle, service orders, offline mode and much more. This results in streamlined processes inside your stores, and happier staff who can focus on delivering top-class customer service.


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