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Fast, safe & unified payments - all in one GO!

An omnichannel payment solution for in-store and e-commerce checkouts.

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Accept online & contactless payments in a fast, reliable, and innovative way - no matter where your customers shop.

Always ready for a payment

Our innovative terminals and equipment are fully integrated and allow you to accept payments anywhere, anytime. With comprehensive payment and invoicing functionalities, ExtendaGO Pay allows you to get paid quickly and easily both online and in-store. Accept payments on all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many other online payment methods.

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ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_GO Pay_Flexible & secure checkout

Flexible & secure checkout

Checkout wherever your customer goes, offering a truly seamless shopping journey. Avoid errors with automatic entry through your POS system.

ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_GO Pay_Quick & easy installation

Quick & easy installation

With ExtendaGO Pay there is no need to wait. Get started today by following a few easy installation steps and you’ll be ready to roll.

ExtendaGO_UPS Icons 2022_GO Pay_No hidden fees

No hidden fees, ever

Pricing is based on a standard payment processing charge. In-store & online card payments 1.4% + 0.10€ / £0.1. Other fees, please inquire.

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