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Our solutions targets retailers that want an easy cloud based, yet functional solutions for their stores. No store of chain is too small or too big for us and our partners. Our solutions targets most types of retailers within specialised trade, health and beauty and hospitality. 

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Our Values


New ways of doing retail business are developing at an amazing pace. We want to innovate, know more and understand. Curiosity is about energising ourselves and each other, internally and externally to stay in front of the herd.


We know our products, our customers and to contribute to our customers success is always our focus.We take pride in the quality of our products and our partners take pride in their services. 



We see people as able, having good intent and showing accountability. We are acting with integrity, keeping things real and showing respect as we talk to each other, our partners and customers. 


We focus on long term results and quality. We dare you to do the same! We innovate when we believe it will benefit our customers needs in the long run. We dare to invest in our products to keep our customers ahead of the herd.

Our Story

ExtendaGO is the part of Extenda Retail that aims for the smaller and medium business, and was established three years ago as some of the products was taken from the Extenda Retail portfolio to be included in a more dedicated focus area. 

ExtendaGO is a separate offering of cloud based solutions. The solutions are self serviced or distributed through partners. The GO concept was established in 2016 moving our SmartStore product to the cloud and Wallmob into the same organisation. In 2019 Silent Touch became part of the GO offering. 

ExtendaGO products are suitable from one store to medium sized chains. Actually there are no limits to the number of stores but our offering is standard and all customers benefit from the evolution and innovation in the product. 

Our largest footprint still is in Norway, but we also have lots of installations in Denmark, Sweden and Holland. And we’re expanding to other countries soon.

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