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The partner concept

Interested in partnering with ExtendaGO? Contact us today! Our solution partners offer a comprehensive customer relationship for all our products, while integration & technology partners provide payment terminals, technology solutions, and integrations with ExtendaGO.

If you have a product to sell alongside our POS or you want to become our reseller – contact us!

We offer our resellers:

  • A fair share of our subscription fees
  • A fair share of our value-adding partners’ subscription fees
  • All implementation services and hardware sales
  • All aftermarket services like support, on-site services, payment, and MDM

Did you know? On average, partners add over 300% of revenue during the first year – compared to the subscription fee.

Our simple strategy as a SaaS provider is to provide the optimal retail software that allows our partners to offer a complete package to their customers - that’s implementation, training, and support for both hardware and software.

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“KassaCompany has chosen to broaden its range with ExtendaGO’s tablet POS App, in order to be able to offer every retailer the right POS solution. Our portfolio is now extended with more competitive solutions, and the team will be able to explain and recommend ExtendaGO’s solutions, either on location or through our online platform. We will also provide assistance after the installation, ensuring the success of our clients.”

“In many of the NetSuite projects with our customers, a strong and flexible solution for the POS management is one of the key areas where we need to provide the best solutions possible. After evaluating many different options, we have chosen ExtendaGO as our partner, not only because of the powerful POS solution but also because of the close collaboration we have been able to establish with ExtendaGO, which has proven to be a value proposition to our projects.”


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