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ExtendaGO and Zettle by PayPal join forces in an exciting partnership to revolutionise the payment experience.

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Zettle by PayPal, making our Point of Sale solution available through their payment solution in all Europe.


By integrating Zettle by PayPal, we expand our range of payment options, delivering our customers an unparalleled and exceptional payment experience.

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Seamless integration

ExtendaGO is fully integrated with the Zettle card reader to enable payments anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy flexibility

Accept multiple payment options, including card payments and contactless payments.

Top security

Zettle by PayPal prioritises the utmost security to safeguard all your transactions.

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Get paid in-store or on-the-go with Zettle Card Reader 2


  • Fully integrated with ExtendaGO POS
  • Built with a quick charging battery that lasts up to 8 hours or 100 transactions
  • Speedy checkout, taking contactless payments in 5 seconds



Follow these simple steps to connect the Zettle card reader to ExtendaGo POS via Bluetooth:

  • Log in to your ExtendaGO back office –> Select from the menu -Settings –> Registers
  • Click to enable card integration and save
  • Go to the App ExtendaGO POS –> Settings –> Terminal–> Select integration
  • Connect Zettle card reader via bluetooth
  • Follow on-screen steps till the reader is connected

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