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Sell more with ease! From only 39€ per month, our cloud-based iOS POS will help you take your retail business to the next level. With our simple sign-up process, you’ll be ready to sell in just a few minutes.

From small startups to global chains, our iOS POS is a flexible, mobile-first solution that can be used on traditional manned checkouts, self-checkouts or mobile checkouts. The responsive design gives you, your staff and customers the ability to use any iOS device and still enjoy the same great experience.

Our POS is developed as a Unified Commerce tool, gathering a range of functionalities centered around Customer Experience and optimising the daily selling process. For all ExtendaGO customers, the evolution of our software is included, enabling you and your team to always have access to the very latest technology fit for global retail leaders, without large investments. As our systems run on Cloud, signing up for ExtendaGO can become a real money-saving gem.

All you need to get started is:

  • An iPad, iPhone or MacBook
  • Internet

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ExtendaGO POS is delivered as a Plug & Play, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, and is constantly developed to make sure you have what you need to succeed. Our high quality is recognised globally, and we most recently received the Candidate Quality Mark with Stichting Betrouwbare Afrekensystemen.

Compared to other devices and operating systems, iOS is the most reliable on the market and fits perfectly for retailers that want quality, a great UX, premium performance and security.

Our POS has been built from the ground up, and the features are the result of our team’s long experience and expertise. With ExtendaGO, you will not only meet – but exceed – customer demand for easy and enjoyable shopping experiences, and enable your staff at the same time.

Retail POS for any industry

Regardless of industry, our POS offers flexibility and scalability, depending on your business needs.

Food and beverage outlets

ExtendaGO supports different pricing for eat in and out. We offer web ordering & takeaway functionality out of the box – take orders online, and deliver to your customer’s home! We have our own Kitchen Display Screen App for orders prepared in a kitchen, bar or coffee machine. We also offer Mobile POS and Self Checkout options, with integration towards WeOrder for ordering from an app and web, and self-service solutions from Ninito.

Health and wellness

Simplicity and great design. Includes functionality for gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programmes, which boost cash flow of gyms, salons and other wellness facilities. The reports in ExtendaGO’s Retail Cloud backoffice provide a great overview of your business. Furthermore, the system can be integrated to or used in parallel with booking systems.

Omnichannel shopping

Integrable with WooCommerce, ExtendaGO allows you to break down the boundaries between e-Commerce and physical stores, with mobile shopping options such as Click & Collect.

Specialised trade

Simplify work in store with ExtendaGO POS and App. The web-based backoffice solution is an easy management interface.

Market places and fairs

100% mobile-first, which means that sales and finance can be done anywhere, and you’ll only be charged for those months the POS is in use. Great for on and off businesses.

Customer-centric features

In-store pick-up, curbside pickup & payment, omnichannel returns, ship from store, fulfill from another store, order in store – all with ExtendaGO.

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Key benefits

  • Plug & Play POS – Sellers can access an all-in-one POS solution, flexible to the in-store necessities. It’s installed just like any other App.
  • Outstanding design and user-friendly interface – Task completion made easy with ExtendaGO POS. From day 1, your staff can rely on an easy-to-manage checkout that makes selling effortless.
  • Unified Commerce for real – Seamless and flexible shopping process with functions for mobile and remote ordering, Click & Collect and Loyalty. Real-time updates on in-store and inventory levels, and customer data across in-store, online and mobile sales channels.
  • Cloud-native software for success – Our SaaS relies on cloud-based technology from the front-end to the backoffice, resulting in a high-performance POS with little financial investment. Focus on your customers, generate more sales opportunities and create an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Payments & integration – Global and local payment services can be easily integrated with digital and contactless payments, such as offers, gift cards, loyalty programmes, digital receipts and invoicing.
  • Security first – Our POS is developed with the highest standards and levels of security, and both online and offline capabilities, which enables you to operate and process sales transactions even if you go offline. Encryption, performance, and redundancy are included, in addition to codes and safety configurations at different levels, minimising any possibility of fraud.
  • Native iOS app – With the most reliable operating system, we guarantee powerful, secure performance without extra costs. ExtendaGO iOS POS is mobile-first, fast, responsive, and a joy for both sales assistants and customers.
  • Upgrades & Updates for life – We constantly introduce new functions in our products, and as our customer, you’ll have immediate access to the latest POS technology. We make sure retailers are moving faster by including all the upgrades in our POS, so you get instant access to new features and updates automatically over the air.
  • Ongoing support and training – We’re with you every step of the way, and we partner with leading partners to ensure your POS journey is easy. We provide you with all the system training that your business needs.
  • Customisable system – A solution that combines functionality and design according to your brand guidelines. Simple to work with and intuitive, our white-label POS can be customised to your business.
  • Scalability and growth – Thanks to our cloud-based software, you can scale your business instantly as your business grows, and your POS can be upgraded to better suit your changing needs.
  • Improved service – Our POS software enables unified commerce experience for sales assistants and customers. As everything is managed through the same App, you have the full picture at your fingertips.

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Boost your shopping experience

  • Real-time information: Make a difference in your sales strategy by keeping track of the latest inventory, product and customer information. The perfect tool to upsell and manage stock without missing a beat.
  • Catalogue & product details: Maximise sales opportunities with easy access to all products in the Cloud. Sell any product, anywhere, anytime. Provide detailed information about each product, building trust among customers.
  • Order history: Customer information is saved in real-time. Check order history to give your customers a personalized shopping experience and excellent service.
  • Store locator: All stores and locations are accessible at a glance, allowing you to visualise current stock regardless of the location.
  • Digital receipts: Use the latest technology in the checkout process with digital receipts: Remote payment, self-checkout or traditional methods.

ExtendaGO in a nutshell

ExtendaGO iPad POS

Complete the sale with efficiency and ease.

  • User-friendly, sleek design – get started in minutes
  • Manned POS, Self Checkout, Mobile POS
  • Gift cards and vouchers
  • Click & Collect, Remote Ordering, Web ordering and Takeaway functionality out of the box
  • Over the air updates – gets better all the time

Retail Cloud Backoffice

User-friendly administrative interface, available in the app or a browser.

  • Cloud-based
  • Full control of stores and chain of stores
  • Campaigns
  • Customers, users, stores, stock
  • Article- and price information
  • State of the art REST API


The efficient way to do everyday tasks in store!

  • Free
  • Graphical views
  • Daily revenue for stores and chain, revenue per hour/day
  • Stock functions, order and receive goods
  • Print price labels
  • Read more about app here

Kitchen Display Screen App

Full control of all food and drink orders.

  • Enables timely and accurate planning and delivery to customers
  • Preparation and delivery of food and drinks
  • Process orders
  • Connect to customer information screen to report order progress
  • Included in the free trial

Some of our great customers using ExtendaGO iPad POS:

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