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Kitchen Display System synchronizes waiters and kitchen staff

Turn any iOS device into a powerful food & beverage order management tool.

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Do you bring receipts to your kitchen or bar to prepare orders? Are customers waiting to pick up menu items that need to be made first?

Connect your kitchen or bar to ExtendaGO KDS, an integrated Kitchen Display System that streamlines your kitchen production, eliminates errors, reduces ticket times, and decreases costs.

Equipped with a customer-facing display screen, KDS keeps your customers up to date on the progress of their orders and enables collection with an easy numbering system.

“ExtendaGO’s POS allows easy order-taking for our waiters. With all orders immediately showing up on the Kitchen Display Screens, both our staff and customers know exactly when their order is coming up.”

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How it works

  • Orders are displayed in real-time as they come in from waiters, online ordering systems, or self-service stations.
  • They are organized first-in-first-out, while respecting fixed pickup times. Color-coded status display makes order processing simple.
  • Once finished, the store-facing display screen lets the customer know their order is ready for pickup.

Key features

Food and non-food preparation interface
Online and self-service orders are sent directly to KDS
See what’s new, in preparation and done
Clear color-coded order status display is easy to follow
Supports multiple preparation stations
Waiter facilities: table park and order retake
First-in-first-out sorting and fixed pick-up times
Option to print receipts for takeaway orders

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