ExtendaGO is once again changing the game for cloud-native POS systems – with the release of full iPhone compatibility.

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The key to delivering a successful retail experience of today and the future is undoubtedly flexibility.

To successfully serve the fast-growing and fast-changing demands and buying habits of the modern consumer, retailers of all sizes must constantly adapt to become agile enough to meet those different needs. The same is true of hospitality businesses, big and small, which like retail saw huge disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, being forced to recognise immediate and long-lasting changes to its ways of working were vital to survive.

Behind-the-scenes, much of the digital transformation underpinning agility and flexibility can be achieved through implementing a cloud-native POS system. So many businesses have seen the revolutionary effects that this technology enables, from real-time access to sales and stock data, to receiving the latest information on revenues, profits, and effective ways to manage their workforce.

A cloud-native POS, like the ExtendaGO’s, also ensures retail and hospitality businesses are able to make quick and critical decisions that deliver tangible positives to productivity and bottom line.

Now, ExtendaGO is once again changing the game – with the release of full iPhone compatibility extended to iPhones in addition to Apple iPads and computers.


The iPhone-based system has already been piloted successfully with small and medium-sized retail and hospitality businesses in Norway and the Netherlands, and it is now available all across Europe.

With ExtendaGO now offering the best customer experience via the world’s best-selling smartphone, those working within retail and hospitality can improve customer engagement in-store and online, while also taking care of remote ordering and analytics, all from the palm of their hand.


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ExtendaGO’s iPhone solution benefits both staff and customers. A retail workforce can use it to keep track of inventory and what is being sold and returned in real time, while consumers can make purchases on-the-go for pick up or delivery, in the safe knowledge the item they want will be in stock.

Across hospitality, it also allows for “at table or phone” ordering, giving waiting staff more time to dedicate to service, and customers the chance to use Apple Pay to settle their bill. And of course, all of the data inside ExtendaGO is stored securely in the cloud, doing away with the need for legacy on-premises servers or solutions – and allowing for it to be accessed from anywhere – including now via iPhone. This unified commerce platform was already transforming the day-to-day interactions between businesses and their customers. Now it offers more options than ever before.

For those who already have ExtendaGO as the backbone of their operations, the addition of such iPhone compatibility ensures this cloud-native system is more flexible, agile, and portable than ever. And for those yet to make the transition, it extends yet another reason to explore and adopt the benefits of a cloud-native POS, such as ExtendaGO.


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